Risk Management

image4Despite the ability to earn significant income, many people expose retirement plan assets, personal assets, and personal savings to the risk of adverse, unexpected events. These could take the form of lawsuits, investment losses, health issues, inability to work, death, family crises, etc.

Our risk management programs seek to safeguard your income with life, disability, and long term care insurance policies.

You may have purchased these kinds of policies, but the big question here is did you purchase these policies with pretax earnings? In an appropriate qualified plan, life insurance premiums may be acquired tax deductibly. In appropriate financial structures, disability insurance, health insurance, and long term care insurance can be purchased with pre-tax dollars.

Our risk management programs seek to safeguard your assets by establishing appropriate financial structures such as trusts, LLc’s, family limited partnerships, corporations, etc.

Although there is no guarantee that any strategy will prevent every potential loss to your income and assets, we can work in partnership with you to assess your needs and recommend integrated strategies that will help mitigate risk to the greatest extent possible.